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    Saab Engineering Services

    This is the content of the website of Saab Engineering Services. As with many Saab websites, this may eventually be shutdown so we are preserving it here on SaabWorld.

    Saab Engineering Services (SES) is a business unit within Saab Automobile which markets the company’s technical capabilities to the global automotive industry and beyond. We have an innovative and entrepreneurial approach with over 60 years of experience in designing, building and selling vehicles in a global market.

    We offer our skills in a wide range of services including design, development and testing. The major portion of the development is done with computer simulation, virtual imaging and math data-based modelling, supported with physical tests. Much of this capability can be applied beyond automotive engineering. SES can be your one-stop shop for a complete vehicle project or provide virtually any step in between. We can also be your partner from small-scale manufacturing to serial production.

    Welcome to Saab Engineering Services!

    Please contact us to discuss how we can support you with our innovative engineering capabilities.


    We have a wide range of engineering competences including testing to support your development needs in all technical areas, also for non automotive applications.
    We can offer a complete team set up, with project lead and designers acting in any global environment.

    Architecture and Vehicle Integration

    The Phoenix platform is scalable and modular to fit C, D and E segment vehicles. FWD and eAWD capabilities.

    Electric & Electronics

    Some of the possible services in the category Electric and Electronics are in the areas:

    - Electrical architecture
    - Software design
    - Design reviews
    - EMC
    - Environmental testing

    The team have for example deep knowledge about development of flexible HMI solutions that easily can be branded to different needs. We also have the capability to deliver complete solutions in climate control, panel cluster or infotainment.


    The Powertrain area covers for example:

    - Engines
    - Turbo charging
    - Biofuel
    - Transmissions
    - AWD
    - Hybrid
    - Control systems

    Powertrain Sweden has over 30-years of experiences with high performance low displacement turbo applications. We offer world class engineering in a broad spectra of services within engines, transmissions, hybrids, controls, application development and clean technology from concept to serial production.

    Sheet Metal & Interior Design

    We have a substantial capacity and capability in Sheet metal and Interior design and offer services within the areas:

    - Structure
    - Closures
    - Interiors
    - Seats

    Our designers has over 20 years of CAD experience from BIW design. This experience and knowledge can easily be used in designing other sheet metal applications. The team has also a broad experience of material and manufacturing processes. They are used to have a global responsibility and to meet design requirements for all global regions.

    Chassis, Powertrain Integration & Thermal

    The areas of Chassis, Powertrain Integration and Thermal covers for example:
    - Brakes
    - Suspension
    - Steering
    - Controls
    - Fuel storage and handling
    - HVAC

    Each area is staffed with experienced design engineers as well as integration and developing engineers. If you need support with developing a new system or update an existing we are happy to support you.As an example of ongoing projects the fuel team has developed a stainless steel concept which can be offered to external customers.

    Accessories & Special Vehicle

    Services we offer in the area of Accessories & Special Vehicle:

    - Accessory development
    - Special vehicle development

    If you need support with accessory development, we can assist you from idea to production including sourcing and material handling.


    The competence and available tools in our Styling area cover:

    - Advanced Design
    - Production Design
    - Digital Design
    - Clay Modeling

    Saab Design has core competence in all areas necessary to run a complete vehicle design development project or to support design of any product. The experienced team of specialists with a long track record of production programs and concept cars are dedicated and highly creative.
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    The Saab Lab team has long experience in. For example we develop test methods and provide in-depth analysis of your test including proposals for design improvements if required. If you are developing for the US market, we can manage a complete federalization. performing and reporting a wide range of tests.

    Engine Lab

    Steady State Engine Test Cells

    Max speed 10 000 rpm
    Max power 300 kW
    Max torque 600 Nm
    Torque sensor accuracy class 0,2% F.S.
    Min inertia 0,4 kgm²


    • R&D and engine certification tests
    • Dynamic development tests
    • Manual & automatic engine ECU calibration
    • Pre phase emission calibration
    • Engine output optimization
    • Road load simulation and durability tests
    • Multi channel indication system for cylinder pressure, line pressure etc.
    • Boost air conditioning for engines up to 300 kW
    • Fast FID and Fast NOx capability
    • Complete vehicle installation of engine and exhaust system
    • Fuels: Gasoline, diesel, bio diesel, methanol and ethanol blends
    • Emission measurement capability: THC, NOx, NO, CO, CO2, O2
    • Analog I/O up to 143 channels, digital I/O up to 70 channels

    High Dynamic Engine Test Cell

    Max speed 10 000 rpm.
    Max power 250 kW
    Max torque 480 Nm
    Torque sensor accuracy class 0,05% F.S.
    Max speed gradient 15600 rpm/s
    Min inertia 0,8 kgm2


    • R&D and engine certification tests
    • Fuels: Gasoline, methanol and ethanol blends, LPG and NG fuels
    • Emission measurement capability: THC, NOx, NO, CO, CO2, O2
    • Simulation of legislative emission tests,EU,US and Japan
    • Gear shift simulation
    • Road load simulation
    • Simulation of different driver behavior
    • Atomized emission tests
    • Forecasting of vehicle cert result
    • Operational in manual & auto mode
    • Analog I/O 158
    • Digital I/O 80

    Turbo Charger Test Cell

    Simulates realistic combustion heat and engine air intake conditions.

    Turbo Charger mapping and thermodynamic characterization of different types of turbo charging systems. High repeatability reduces development timing and minimize measurement uncertainties.


    • 0-0.53kg/s of supply air
    • Air heated with a diesel burner to 1050 °C and pressurized to 6 Bar
    • A 67kW electrical heater to heat to 250 °C
    • Compressor airflow measurement capability of 0.75 kg/s
    • Close loop compressor circuit to widen the range of measured turbine maps
    • Possibility to pressurize the compressor inlet in order to measure for PR<1
    • Pulsating flow
    • Durability testing through hot-cold cycling of 2 parallel mounted TC
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