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    Social Groups versus Regional Forums

    Social Groups are pretty limited and poorly implemented in the vBulletin software. I am trying to see the value of the Groups section but I just don't see a lot of activity there. I don't really check it myself that often. I actually had to clean up some spam which had been sitting there for more than a week.

    • Do the Regional forums and Groups serve the same purpose and are pretty much duplicate efforts?
    • Do you prefer one over the other?
    • Is it better to make a new sub forum in the Regional section if a Saab club wants their own section instead of a Group?
    • Should there be a Saab Clubs forum with additional clubs sub forums if there are enough clubs that want their own forum?
    • Any suggestions for the regional forums? Too many subforums?
    • Does anyone use them on other forums?

    Groups - SaabWorld

    Discussion on the vB website

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    I don't mind the Sub Forums and if the active clubs are actually active I am all for them - it does help bring in new members to the site sometimes. A shared forum and posting place makes things nice for members too. Some clubs do not want to have a web site of their own - so a forum with an authorized section for members makes this possible. Also - event planning allows the hosting site to be a sponser and the club can help promote the site in return as it will benifit both parties.

    I am personally trying to wake up a sleeping South Eastern PA Saab Club chapter - with little sucess, and have joined Central Penn Saab Club in the mean time. Sadly I am a member, but live so far away that I can not make their monthly meetings. They are also the HOST of "Saab's @ Carlisle" as per the organizing of all the fun and games. I should be assisting them this year with running it somehow to help give back. They are always welcome to Saab forum communities and other Saab clubs.

    I would say - min. of like 5 ACTIVE members would be needed to make a sub section - no sense in wasting space either.

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