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    The other thing that held me up was the lower caliper slide. These do not move easily, and lubicating them did not help. Chrome seems to have degraded at the critical point near the threaded end. Or maybe the rubber is breaking down inside. I used a C clamp to push the slide bolt in from the back, with a socket on the receiving side to make room for the threaded end to come through. It was...fidly.

    If you’re doing this job and the caliper slides don’t want to come out of the bracket, it might make sense to just leave them in there until you can source replacements. It was a lot harder than I expected to get that lower one back in.

    Part numbers for the relevant bits, and links as of 2019-04-27.

    - E20 rear caliper bracket bolt: SAAB OE 93171776 (eeuroparts.com)

    - 7mm allen head Caliper slides:
    ---- SAAB OE 90297771 ($13.32 for one, eeuroparts.com),
    ---- Duralast H5071 ($3.29 for two, autozone.com),
    ---- Wearever H5025 ($5.99 for two, advanceautoparts.com)

    - Rubber Caliper Guide Pin Sleeves
    ---- Front and Rear Calipers (appears in the fiche at jimellissaabparts.com for both front and rear assemblies)
    ------- SAAB OE 90510227 ($19.68 for two, eeuroparts.com)
    ---- Autozone option, quoted as working for Front Calipers with 314mm or 345mm rotors:
    ------- Duralast 16113 ($9.49 for two, autozone.com)
    ---- Autozone option, quoted as working for Front calipers with 285mm or 302mm front rotors:
    ------- Duralast H5833A ($8.49 for four, plus a couple of springs, autozone.com)
    (Given that the Saab part number is the same for front and rear, regardless of disk size, I would imagine that the Autozone parts will work for any caliper.)

    - Rear brake caliper spring clip:
    ---- SAAB OE 93172191 ($5.41, eeuroparts.com)

    - Caliper bleed screw (I've messed these up before on other vehicles, seems good to make a note of it here):
    ---- SAAB OE 93172175 ($6.99, eeuroparts.com)

    Many of the SAAB OE parts are also available from jimellissaabparts.com, where I found this helpful fiche:

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