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    Sporadic reluctant warm start - CPS or fuel pump related?

    I've been having this sporadic warm start problem in the last couple of months. It's happened 4-5 times. And it follows a certain pattern: Car starts fine from cold leaving home, i tend to only drive around town usually making several stops each trip. Every time when it happens, it's always the 3rd start, after I've made a quick stop (2nd start). It would crank as usual but it doesn't catch or engage, as though it's missing some critical input such as gas, the last 2 dashboard lights to go would stay on when it fails to catch like that. It only happens sometimes on the 3rd start, not all the time. It would always start after a few attempts. It seems to take some coaxing but it is pretty nerve-wracking just the same. On one occasion I waited half an hour or so and it started just fine. And the car drives ok, no signs of fuel pump problems while it's running, except I notice some sluggishness lately moving from low gears.

    I suspected a fuel pump/pressure issue but after doing some looking around online, I'm pretty sure that it is a CPS issue. I didn't know anything about the CPS until today. If anyone has any more knowledge, experience, insight to shed some light on this I would really appreciate it. At some point, I guess I should just go ahead and replace the CPS, it's not much of a job anyway. For right now, I still have a list of stuff to work on to catch up with like putting in the PCV upgrade kit that I've had for over a month now.

    The weirdest thing happened today. I checked the coolant before driving off. The overflow tank was empty when it should be full, there was no sign of any leaks. I opened the cap and there was no pressure. I looked around for the cause and sure enough, it was staring at meó I saw a 6 inch gash on the top of my radiator hose to the engine. I drove the car 2 days ago and everything was fine. Just ordered a new hose. It's the simplest job to do of course but I'm completely baffled as to how that happened. Ok, it's the original hose that's over 10 yrs old but I didn't think it would wear out like that! I sure would like to know how that happened just to satisfy my own curiosity.

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    It sounds like the CPS to me, too. Make sure the old rubber o-ring comes out with the old CPS when you do replace it. Smooshing the new one in there with two o-rings would be very frustrating.

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