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    Spark plugs replacement / change - Saab 9-5 4-cylinder

    Tools needed:

    • ratchet with extensions
    • spark plug socket
    • torx head socket / driver
    • feeler gauge
    • screw driver

    Parts and supplies needed:

    Difficulty rating (scale 1 to 5):

    1 - very easy. Anyone with basic mechanical skills can do this.

    Time estimate: 15 - 30 minutes


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    The spark plugs are on top of the engine below the Direct Ignition Cassette.

    Unplug the DIC. The connector is on the right side marked by the arrow.

    Name:  P1130013.jpg
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    The red part of the connector slides out. Carefully wiggle it out with a screw driver being careful not to use too much force. It slides out easily.

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    Remove the 4 torx bolts from the DIC.

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    Lift up the DIC and put it aside.

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    Remove the 4 spark plugs

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    Check the new spark plugs for the correct gap measurement. Adjust if needed.

    Fit the new spark plugs in the engine. Many spark plugs have washers that compress when the plugs are tightened. The spark plugs box should show how they should be tightened. These NGK plugs need to be hand-tightened first and an additional 1/2 to 2/3 turn with a wrench.

    The Saab WIS shows a tightening torque of 28 Nm (21 lbf ft) if you want to use a torque wrench. With these plugs, tightening a 1/2 turn required medium effort. Just a little bit more and they are tight.

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    Add some di-electric grease to the tips of the DIC.

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    Put the DIC back in place.

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    Fit the 4 DIC bolts and tighten in a cross pattern

    Plug in the DIC connector and slide in the red piece.

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    Renato Piereck
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    Good, clear tutorial, you could cross post this to the NG900/OG9-3 too, as the replacement procedure is exactly the same.
    Now: '00 Saab 9-5 Aero Combi - '89 Peugeot 205 CTI - '91 Peugeot 309 GTI
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    I just replaced the old NGK PFR6H-10 with a set of the same new ones, quite readily available. These are the platinum ones which I read somewhere should be the only ones used with the black DI module engines? Also, the service life on these is incredibly longer, around 50k miles.

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    These are PFR6H-10 from a 2005 Saab 9-5 Aero with 45K miles. It looks like they may be the original plugs but I am not sure. I measured the gap and it was still within specs at 0.95mm, exactly the same as the new plugs. Saab specifies 0.9 - 1.0 mm for the B235R engine. They are not cheap but definitely worth the money.

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    What size spark plug socket is that? I have several and they are all too large in outside diameter to fit down the well with the spark plug in.

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    NGK specs shows you'll need a 5/8" (16 mm) spark plug socket. http://saabworld.net/attachments/f14...tnumberkey.pdf

    I checked the socket I have but there wasn't a size on it.

    Edit: I measured with calipers and size for these plugs is 16mm.
    Last edited by nordwulf; 02 November 2015 at 01:52. Reason: added plug socket size

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    The simplicity of this excellent tutorial combined with the fact that I just bought a used Saab encouraged me to change my plugs during my lunch break. Good thing, too. Seems that the previous owner had been running NGK PFR6H-10 in the car (2001 9-5 Wagon). I was getting some codes and a CEL before the change to the recommended BCPR6ES-11, but the CEL disappeared automatically on the second start, and I have cleared the codes.

    I do have a torque wrench that I set for 20ft-lb to be safe, but I didn't get a click and felt it was pretty tight, so I did the rest by hand and checked the first again by hand. It is hard to describe but you really do "know" when they are tight enough. Anyone have any tricks or procedures as to how I can test and/or calibrate my torque wrench? I thought it would be particularly useful for working on my road bike, but got too nervous to take it to the *click* with the Saab's plugs.

    I have added photos of my old (non-spec) plugs and noticed that one of them had a RED colored tip, one was pretty dark, and the others just looked like old plugs. Nothing matched on the great NGK Plug Reading site, so I'm not sure what to make of it. I also realize that I made a real newb move by not labeling the cylinder each came from, but will do so next time.
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    Tips for Saab newbs:
    1- Keep track of the associated cylinder for each plugs and photograph them, it might help you head off a problem or be helpful to share with your mechanic.
    2- Test or calibrate your torque wrench ahead of time so you can be confident using it should you choose such a tool for this task.
    3- Take the extra step to blow or vacuum out any debris before removing your old plugs.
    4- Get a long extension for your plug socket as shown in the tutorial.
    Last edited by AT ONE SIR; 29 August 2013 at 23:40. Reason: Added NGK plug reading link
    2001 9-5 Wagon

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    Thanks for posting this tutorial! Very helpful I recently purchased 04 9-5 my first experience with Saab. I easily changed out my spark plugs wrong plugs were installed and I was getting CEL 2 codes frequently. Put in BCPR6ES-11 and cleared codes so far so good! Have driven about 40 miles and no more CEL hopefully former owner installing wrong plugs didn't damage the DIC.

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    previous: 2006 9-3, 2001-06 9-5, 2011 9-4X
    The Platinum plugs after 55K miles. Still were in good shape.

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    I ordered Saab 9399866 plugs this time because they were actually cheaper than the ones from NGK I usually get. However, they are exactly the same as they are marked with NGK. The NGK part number is PFR6H10.

    $6.61 from TheSaabSite: http://www.thesaabsite.com/search.ph...6&vin=&mod_id=
    $11.49 from eEuro: http://www.eeuroparts.com/Parts/4364...tinum-PFR6H10/
    $12.03 from Amazon: http://amzn.to/20m7ah8

    Amazon has free shipping and eEuro free shipping over $100. But if you pay the $8.95 shipping from TheSaabSite, you still pay less.

    Name:  Saab 9399866 - NGK PFR6H-10.jpg
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    For those new to this, when replacing the connection: slide the red lock on 1/2 way and push it on. The lock will set when you press it into place



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