Software upgrade and full system backup took a few hours but completed without any major issues. The most notable new feature is the Activity Stream so it is easier to get an overview of what has been happening on SaabWorld. Notice the new What's New? tab to access the Activity Stream. Activity Stream - SaabWorld

Other changes, mostly stuff behind the scenes:

As always, please let me know if something isn't working as expected or you experience and problems.

What is Activity Stream?

The Activity Stream is one of the newest and most visible features we’ve added to the vBulletin 4.2.0 release. It’s included in all core installs and is accessible in the “What’s New?” tab. The Activity Stream is exactly what it sounds like, a stream of the latest activities on your site from your users. This can include everything from replies to threads, to articles, to blogs and even newly loaded photos.

It gives you and your users a quick overview of what’s been going on while you’ve been logged out. You get instant access to the things that are important to you without you having to go through and search for them.

Both you and your users can control what the Activity Stream displays in the front end using a filter. And, of course, it’s configurable through the AdminCP.

How do I filter my Activity Stream?

The filter in the front end allows your users a certain degree of control over what appears in their activity stream. Please note that this feature does not override the admin settings you implement in the AdminCP. Using the filter is simple. First, login to the site and click the ‘What’s New?’ tab of the site. By default the Activity Stream will be the first option that displays in the submenu. A list of your user’s most recent activities will display on this page.

To filter the Activity Stream, click on the ‘Filter’ dropdown menu to the right of the page. Three columns, like the image below, will display. Each control a different aspect of the filter. Sort by controls the display order of the stream, while ‘Time’ controls the timeframe in which the activities were made and, finally, ‘Show’ controls the type of activity you want to see.

Selecting any of the options for any of the columns will refresh the Activity Stream with the parameter you entered. The filter will remain in place until you change it again.