Disqus commenting has been added to CMS Articles. This allows anyone with one of these accounts to comment on articles and take part of the discussions.


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SaabWorld accounts are free and easy to set up but perhaps this will make it easier for casual visitors to easily engage. And some people (including myself) don't want to create a new account for every site visited. Privacy is an important consideration and you never what some sites do you with your personal details and email. (SaabWorld never abuses any of this).

I have no idea if it will be used or become popular. We have to keep an eye on the comments and make sure they follow the site Terms of Service and hopefully won't attract any spammers.

The yellow area is the new Disqus section. Above that, you see there is the regular site commenting system which you only see if you're logged in to the site.

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There is a new widget in the sidebar, showing latest comments, people that commented and the most popular articles with comments.

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The only issue I can think of is there may be 2 separate commenting conversations going for each article. One for the built-in SaabWorld comment system and another one for Disqus comments. I was also experimenting with adding this to forum threads but I think it will make it confusing when you have 2 different conversations going about one subject. For CMS articles, it doesn't seem to be a big problem.