Hey all. Was changing out the headlight bulbs and a horn (not working) and while I had the front bumper off I thought I'd take a look at this petcock issue. Yes, can definitely see it from above and below, but getting your hand in there is another story. I played with it abit and stumbled across a solution - a 13/16 or 21mm spark plug socket.

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You can see that the socket fits over the ears of the petcock nicely - tightly enought that it provides the appropriate leverage on the ears, and loose enough that it allows you to have the extention/ratchet at an angle if necessary to get it in place and turning.

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Admittedly you can't do the "pull out while you turn" maneuver that's recommended, but if you're careful (and lucky?) you'll be alright. I used some plastic-safe electrical lubricant (CRC brand) on the petcock, letting it soak for a while before trying my luck at getting it to turn. By the time I tried the spark plug socket/extension setup it had probably been soaking for 20 minutes or so. Can't say if it helped, but in the end I was able to crack the petcock open and drain a smalll test amount in a bowl. Perhaps I was both careful and lucky, eh? Well, I reckon I'm now capable of getting a drain and flush done!

Hope this helps.