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    Frank's Innova is almost the exact scanner than my local O'Reilly auto parts store loans for free. One leaves identification with them and can use it for a few minutes in the parking lot but cannot take it home. Their scanner lacks the emissions light so is probably a similar model.

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    About a month back I picked up a Autel Maxiscan MS300. I got it for $20 in Amazon. I've been having a couple check engine light problems, so it has already come in handy several times and has saved me from going to AdvancedAuto or Autozone about half a dozen times already.

    It feels very cheap (hallow plastic) yet sturdy. With only two buttons it is a bit overly simplistic, but it reads codes pretty quickly and does everything I'd need. Also, it's been easy to wipe clean when you end up using it with grubby hands after working on the car.

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