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    Quote Originally Posted by Burnsside42 View Post
    Not sure who you think will cover the costs of the problem... good luck. Eventually I'll add my details to it. Thanks GM.
    Well I agree with you on that it is kind of a long shot but at least it is something. I hope that as people become aware of this issue they may come across the tracking thread while researching the issue.

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    2008 9-3 2.0T
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    Model Year: 2008
    Build Month/Year: Mar/08
    Mileage (in Miles): 199,296mi. (320736km)
    Have you experienced this issue (Yes/no)? Yes
    If yes, have you validated w/ compression test (yes/no)? Yes: 220/230/90/220
    If yes, did you have your car repaired (yes/no)? No. No misfires since replacing coils and injestors.
    (Optional) If yes, what was your out of pocket cost? TBD
    Caught the dreaded disease (above).
    1. How soon should this bee repaired? I think it's been this way for some time.
    2. Re: "GM is liable for all the cars they produced" : please elaborate.

    If yes, have you validated w/ compression test (yes/no)? Yes: 220/230/90/220 COLD
    If yes, have you validated w/ compression test (yes/no)? Yes: 215/220/215/210 HOT

    Interesting: runs like new HOT.
    Have not done the leak-down test yet.

    Any input greatly appreciated.

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