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    Front Brake Pads - Who makes them?!

    Hey gang! I'm about to change out my front brakes. Pads. Rotors. Hoses. Clean out my calipers. But before I begin I need some help with brake pads. I've seen genuine Saab pads marked with GM, some marked Saab. Some marked ATE. WHO makes the best OEM pads? And if you have any suggestions on a manufacturer that you think is better with friction material and low noise/dusting, I'd like to know what you suggest. I've been interested in Akebono Euro Ceramic pads. Thanks!

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    Roger Cook
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    I have a full set of Akebono Euro pads in my garage for installation later this month. Your 2001 and my 2000 will use the same pads. Fronts are EUR819. Rears are EUR763.

    I installed Akebono pads on the rear of my wife's 9-3SC earlier this summer. Previously her rear wheels would be dirty from brake dust within a week of washing her car (like the fronts on my 9-5). Not any more! Unsightly rear wheel brake dust is a thing of the past with the Akebonos installed.



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