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    Removing the ETS (Electronic Throttle System) - TCS

    As posted by rally900 on Saab Central

    Ever considering removing that pesky TCS that never works? Well now there's a way!

    You're removing the ETS (Electronic Throttle System) from the car:

    1. Remove ETS ECU from the car (located below the driver's seat). Move driver's seat (they only came with electric adjust) all the way forward and up for proper access.

    2. Install '91 LH box, throttle body, throttle cable. Latter two can also come from a '94 FPT model, '95-'97 LPT model, or '96-'98 FPT model (i.e. newer 9k turbos without ETS).

    3. Add TPS and AIC from LH2.4.2 car.

    4. Add wiring for TPS and AIC to engine wiring harness, or swap to '91 harness.

    5. Install non-ETS engine temp sensor (NTC). Tweak engine wiring harness accordingly, or swap to '91 harness.

    6. Install standard gas pedal from any non-ETS 9000.

    7. If the car has an auto tranny, remove the kick-down motor and set up the kick-down cable as required for a non-ETS car. Also remove the ASR ECU (box responsible for operating the kick-down motor), which lives on top of the ETS ECU inder the driver's seat.

    8. Remove extraneous ETS vacuum valves (one at the false-firewall, one on the driver's side inner fender), and route new vacuum hoses as required for non-ETS cars (manifold to FPR, manifold to dash gauge, manifold to hooter valve).

    ** At this point, the car will start and run like a '91. Several minor issues are left:

    9. In order for the a/c to work as designed, several tweaks are necessary in the wiring harnesses for the engine (if not swapped for a '91 harness) and the engine compartment. You can hack the existing wiring for a quick fix to allow the a/c compressor to kick in by jumping two terminals at the now-defunct ETS ECU connector.

    10. "TCS CTRL" light will be permanently illuminated. Either remove the bulb from the dash cluster, or if the car is a 5-speed, install the ABS box from a 1992 automatic, or a 1992 non-turbo 5-speed (41 07 363).

    11. The car will have no cruise control. To install the standard vacuum-type SAAB cruise system, all components (except pedal switches), wiring, and vacuum hoses must be installed from scratch. To install the throttle actuator (vacuum-sucker thing that pulls the throttle cable via a short chain), the ETS pedal potentiometer must be removed and its steel mounting peg cut off from the pedal bracket. On the one I did, I used bits of the old ETS wiring to connect the cruise bits together, i.e. the cruise ECU ended up living in the spot under the driver's seat where the ETS ECU used to live.

    Some steps are a little different for 1993-1995 ETS cars with Trionic.

    You definitely need a '91 LH ECU. The '92 LH ECU is missing the necessary circuitry to read the TPS signal, and to control the IAC valve. This is what causes most of the drivability problems during episodes of ETS limp-home mode.

    Team Saabworks

    Update via a e-mail from mike d

    I did something very smiler to your TCS conversion awhile back on my 1992 9000 turbo, and i have some things that can be added to your right up

    first of all, if you do not remove the TCS computer, you can use the original ABS ECU,, and not throw any lights,, just let the 2 of them sit around together ABS will still work this way

    secondly on my 1992 i did not need to change the fuel/Jetronic computer, the car runs fine with it in, and i have tried both computers and have not seen any performance benefit,, however i also don't have AC so this could be a factor,

    third,, the throttle cable is a pain to remove/replace,, however the TCS throttle cable can be modified to fit with a 75 cent part from the local hardware store.
    this will save loads of time on the install

    the non TCS pedal is still needed though

    best wishes
    mike d
    i guess i was that kind sole...

    procedure used to be up here as a sticky, but i don't know what happened.

    -you'll need to change the throttle pedal,
    -adapt the TCS throttle cable, or add a non TCS cable,
    --------HELPFUL HINT----------, when pulling out the a new cable from the local bone-yard, pull the cable from the actual cable itself, not from the outer housing, once the cable has been disconnect from all sources, it simply pulls out of the firewall, however pulling from the housing will brake the housing every single time, when pulling from the inner cable, the Barb on the other end more pushs the housing though, and does not brake anything

    -transplant wiring harness from bulkhead forward,
    -add non TCS TB
    -change coolant temp sensor to non TCS sensor

    -add pins in both in the jetronic ECU plug, and in the circular plug that goes though the bulkhead, pins can be removed from old TCS wiring harness, there tricky to remove at first, but once you get the hang of it, your golden

    however, you can have a running driving car with nothing more than a TB change to a non TCS style.

    however it wont run well, it will be like not having you AIC and TPS plugged in,

    -also the 1992 jetronic computer isn't set up to take either the AIC or TPS, so a 1991 ecu is helpful, the car will run with the 1992 ECU, but again, just not as well.

    - the DI/APC computer is the same part number, so im assuming that it doesn't care.

    included is a link to the wiring diagram i used to set up the TPS, as far as the AIC valve goes, ive had the best luck running a c900 8v aux air valve (much more reliable than an AIC)

    after all this you can remove the ETS computer, all the extra check valves, re fit car with proper vac line routing, and life is good.

    extra credit:::: i also ground pin 13 from the ETS ECU plug, the ETS system diagrams i have says this is grounded when no faults appear and on grounding you can hear a relay click. I'm not certain exactly what this does, but it just seams like a good idea.

    You will need to get these parts;

    Throttle body
    Gas pedal
    Throttle cable
    1995 non TCS 9000 engine bay harness
    non TCS ecu
    Remove everything listed above from you current car
    Install all the non TCS parts

    Enjoy Driving Again!

    OTHER option - if your car does not have an OFF switch and your system still works fine - this may be the key to the quick fix.
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    i`m new here and greeting you!
    I see on the Picture the same 2 Valve as on my Saab 9000 Aero from 1995.
    But my Car have also a TCS Valve on the drivers side Wheelwell and the hoses are disconnected

    1. i`m confuse for 3 Valves. I only know it with 2. My other 3 Saab 9000 have only 2 and another throttle version.
    Also i have Pictures from the hoses connections but i can`t see from which place exactly it goes to which place!

    In your Configuration the same with 3 Valves?
    Have you any Picture so i can see the way from any hose?

    No one could tell me the connections so far.

    Thanks very much for help!!!




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