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    Post Fuel gage reads ½ after T8 replacement for DTC P1681, P0638 and/or P2135

    Title: Fuel gage reads ½ after T8 replacement for DTC P1681, P0638 and/or P2135

    Date: 04/19/2013
    To: All Saab Service and Parts
    From: SPNA TAC

    Tac has identified an issue with the 9-3 B207 XWD service replacement T8 engine control modules that will only allow the fuel gauge to display ½ tank of fuel anytime the fuel gage is half full to completely full. The gage works correctly from ½ to empty and no customers have ever reported running out of gas due to this issue. Until we have identified and corrected the parts stock, we do not recommend replacement of the T8 unless it is absolutely necessary to fix the vehicle.

    If the T8 is replaced on a XWD 9-3 the fuel gage will stay at ½ anytime the fuel tank is half full to completely full: the gage works correctly from ½ to empty.

    This is an adaptation of TA248-1108 Check Engine lamp illuminated and DTC P1681, P0638 and/or P2135 set. Once stock has been rectified this document will be removed from IRIS.
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    Any update on this?? I have the same, but on a 9-3 Turbo X.

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    The reason the XWD does this and it is only the 2009 and up XWD that does, is due to the replacement ecm not having the parameters set correctly. If you are just adding an ecm with Tech2 it must be from a car that is 2009 or newer. If you use the clone method and you use an ecm built before 2009 you must set the parameters to AWD and a few other settings after the clone process is finished. Hope this helps



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