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    2003 9-3 se convertible 2.0l turbo

    Post 2003 9-3 SE 2.0 L turbo convertible says HI and HELP!

    I joined because this SAAB is the first foreign car I've ever owned. I replaced the DI and plugs and noticed cyl 1 plug covered in oil. Any suggestions? I'm thinking gasket. If I replace, what torque, gasket, sealer should I use?

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    I moved this to the 9-3 Workshop so perhaps someone here will be able to provide some more info. Welcome!

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    This is a link to a Saab bulletin about tightening torques. The torque to the DI is 8 ft. lbs (11 Nm) but that is not your question, just the bolts that I recently tightened. The bulletin has other torque specifications.

    A little (not much) gasket adhesive or grease is sufficient for the valve cover gasket, in my experience from the one auto shop class that I took as a teen. That was the one of the most useful classes I took, other than English composition and typing.

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    There are two valve cover gaskets. One is around the outer edge of the cover. The other is around the inner edge - the edge you see when you pull out the DIC. If you are seeing oil in the spark plug well when you pull the DIC, there are two possibilities: Your VC gasket is leaking, or the oil has drained from the DIC in that cyl. If it's the latter, the DIC will soon be dead.

    Try looking to see if the oil seems to be draining from the VC gasket... and dry off the DIC and inspect that too.



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