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    Always wanted a Saab...

    Hello from Ohio. Thinking of buying a low mileage 2009 9-3 and looking for suggestions on what things to look for and consider. Feel free to offer suggestions here, but the Saab Talk form seems to be the appropriate place for the question, so I'll start a thread there.


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    Dave T.
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    The 2003, and to a lesser extent, 2004 model year has problems. Some may like the body styling of the 2003-2007 or the dashboard of a 2003-2006. I'd make sure that you either have two keys or make a second key shortly after getting the car because it is an extremely expensive (possibly close to $1000) repair if you lost your last key or damaged it. Look for migrating trim about the doors as well as general stuff, such as oil leaks, coolant in oil, oil in coolant, oil in power steering fluid, worn brakes, etc. The driver's seat belt stop retracting in quite a few cars and the third brake light cover sags.

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    Hi im just a newby from europe and imported from us a 93 conv. 2010 with only 30.000 km. I think you 2009 is a good choice. Problem i noticed on the 2010 was that they delivered the car without any manual and mantainance-guide... Also the garage--opener in the inside mirror is not working probably due to different Hz. I placed a thread on that and maybe somebody can help me convert it... or send me a manual. So be aware you get the documentation with the car.
    Good luck



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