GM-Saab Special Policy 10054E-15921E (07-25-13).pdf
Quick Update:

Title: 10054E/15921E-Update-Special coverage Adjustment - Fuel Level Sensor Contact Wear Models 2005-2007 Saab 9-7X

Date: 07/29/2013
To: All OSCs & WSPs
From: SPNA


Effective immediately, the 50% customer co-pay policy has been discontinued and GM will pay 100% of the total cost for this repair. Customers who paid a portion of the total cost for a Saab Official Service Center (OSC) to replace the fuel level sensor on their vehicle are being advised to contact the servicing OSC for their refund. Customers who paid the total cost or, in the case of a service contract, paid a deductible, to have the fuel level sensor replaced on their vehicle and were subsequently reimbursed a portion of that cost or deductible, are being advised to contact the Saab OSC who processed the reimbursement for their refund. If the reimbursement was processed by the Saab or GM Customer Assistance Center, customers are being advised to contact Saab Customer Assistance Center for their refund. Please discard all copies of bulletin 15921.