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    New Saab owner, my story of DIC failure out the gate

    I bought a Saab 9-5 last week and I'm in love with it. (2005, only 43k miles) Unfortunately the check engine came on the night I bought it and was throwing a P1334 code. So I went to the dealer and they wanted to send me to Grismer to diagnose. (if you're unfamiliar with Grismer service centers, they're usually a bunch of filthy crooks) Being the wonderful new Saab owner I am, I had done my internet research and knew it was most likely one of two things, bad plugs or the dreaded DIC. I told the dealer I would change the plugs and we'll see what happens. I change them and take notice the DIC is a 3.6tk, not good, but the CEL cleared. A few days later it came back on with P1312. My worst fear had come true, so back to the dealer I go. This time, against my better judgment, I complied with going to Grismer for the diagnoses even though I told them what was wrong, but for them to cover it they needed official confirmation. Makes sense even though the thought of Grismer people even sitting in my car makes me cringe. So I bring it there, they confirmed it, and said it would be $760 but with a 50/50 split from the dealer. NOPE, I told them I could get the part cheaper than that from Carquest which is right down the road from my house. Not to mention 3 (that's right count them) 3 hours of labor is ludicrous considering it takes 10 minutes to change. I go back to the dealer and tell them if that's all their extended warranty is worth I'm cancelling, they immediately start kissing my ass and tell me it's all covered, sweet! I go back to Grismer and ask them to see the DIC before they put it in, because again doing my research I knew SEM=good, the rest=garbage. They tell me it's an Intermotor, NOPE. Then they try to argue that's the best I'll get and they don't make official Saab parts anymore. Once again I tell them Carquest has an official SEM made part in stock right now. Finally, back to the dealer, Grismer had already called them (with probably a few choice words about me lol) and the guy told me to go buy the part from Carquest and I'll be reimbursed. Got my part, got my $322 back, and now my car is happy! And when my car is happy, I'm happy. I really do love it, it's a shame they don't make Saabs anymore. I'll die a little inside once mine is gone, but hopefully that won't be for a long time.

    tl;dr version- bad DIC (3.6tk) as soon as I bought my car, got a new OEM one for free from Carquest. Much joy to be had, I love my Saab.

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    Welcome to Saab World! Seems like you did your homework already, and have a nice Swedish wagon to keep you happy. You've come to the right place for the car, we have some knowledgeable people here for all problem that may arise in your car.
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    Interesting story, it is certainly worth it to be persistent when you know exactly what your car needs. Sadly, probably 99% of car owners have no idea of even the most basic car stuff and get taken by these repair shops. Thanks for sharing and welcome.



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