Models: 2010-2011 Saab 9-5

Some customers may comment that the fuel gauge displays less fuel than the actual amount in the tank, and/or that the gauge is slow to display the correct fuel level after fill. During diagnosis it may be observed that after fueling the vehicle with the ignition OFF and then starting the engine, the fuel gauge will display less than the correct level, or is slow to display the correct level. This condition may be caused by a misshaped fuel level sensor housing that is hindering the sweep motion of the float arm.

Warning: Gasoline or gasoline vapors are highly flammable. A fire could occur if an ignition source is present. Never drain or store gasoline in an open container, due to the possibility of fire or explosion. Have a dry chemical (Class B) fire extinguisher nearby.

1. If after following the published WIS Diagnostics, it is determined that the fuel level sensor is suspect, remove the fuel level sensor for inspection. Refer to Fuel Level Sensor Replacement in WIS.

2. Remove the fuel level sensor from the fuel tank fuel pump module.

3. Inspect the fuel level sensor for the following conditions:

3.1. Completely sweep the fuel level sensor float arm several times while feeling for any resistance of motion in the travel of the float arm.

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3.2. Completely sweep the fuel level sensor float arm several times while listening for any noise originating from the area indicated.

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3.3. Inspect visually and by using your finger, the fuel level sensor housing for a misshapen or distorted condition, such as a depression, which is shown in the area indicated.

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If the fuel level sensor exhibits any of the above conditions, replace the fuel level sensor.