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    won't start, fuel pump replaced and the answer

    Ok, I have a 2006 Saab 9-3 Combie 5 door, it was sputtering and had no power, had to keep bouncing the throttle. Parked it that night and the next morning it would not start. Checked the fuel port on the fuel rail and no fuel pressure, listened under the car, no fuel pump running noise. Sooooo I ordered a new pump, checked out the posting on the forum on replacing the fuel level sender. I followed that until I got to the part about replacing the locking ring. On the 2006 the ring cannot be locked by a hammer and chisel method. I found that a 20 inch size of channel lok pliers (from HF) worked great, but it takes two people to do it. Got the tank re-installed, but no fuel. What???? So I then proceeded to verify that I had 12vdc at the pump and connectors. I ran a couple of wires back to the pump connector at the tank (red/green stripe and gray large 16 gauge wire) using safety pins stuck into the socket I then jumped the power and the pump ran fine. So that means no power at the tank connector. I checked to see if it was power or ground, nothing from both at the connector. It has to be something in between. Checked the manual, fuses are good, no relay shown and none talked about on the forum. What????? Ok I then did a little more research and realized I needed a wiring diagram. No free ones found. I signed up for AllDatadiy for only $ 27 and got the diagrams plus lots of other stuff that I am sure will come in handy. OK back to the fuel pump. After going back and forth in the diagrams it shows a relay called 102 fuel pump that feeds the pump, but it is not in the owners manual. OK more digging now I find where it is located, under the front "A" Pillar, pulled the kick panel and there it is. It takes a 10mm socket to get it off. Once I had it out, low and behold the socket was melted. I pulled it apart and used the Windshield Wiper motor relay from the engine compartment and plugged it in and the car started right up. New relay and socket can be found on ebay for about $ 8 . After doing this and with the temp relay I have seen a decrease in power. I am going to have to check fuel pump pressure and be sure it is up to snuff, or it could be just the low voltage going to the pump thru the bad socket right now until I get it replaced.

    I said all of this to say that if I had known where the relay was from the manual I may not have needed a fuel pump, though it was a good idea to change it out. Soooooo check the relay first.

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    How many miles does the car have?

    I have an 07 9-5 and the pump assembly is similar to yours. I am planning on replacing the pump soon too, getting misc misfires and car hesitates after 4500 rpms.

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