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    Difference between the B235 engines

    I am wondering what the difference are between the different 235 E, L and R engines. Different HP ratings. Is this due to chips, cams, turbo, head work or may be perhaps magic? All of the above? Thanks, slow night in Colorado

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    B235E: 2.3t I4 - 185hp / 280Nm
    B235L: 2.3T I4 - 220hp / 310 Nm
    B235R: 2.3T I4 - 230-260hp / 350Nm

    E has the Garrett GT17 low-pressure turbo
    L and R have the Mitsubishi TD04 high-pressure turbo

    The R is mostly the same as the L but has a different ECU and other small differences like sodium-filled exhaust valves. I believe they have different pistons as well.

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    hi guys I have the b235-r engine and man that little thing is a beast

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    Hello Wulf
    I have read a lot about the B235L and B235R engines (mine is a 9-5 2.3T MY05), the "L" some times called a de-tuned Aero. Do you now, 4 years later, have a comment on the issue of different pistons. I am not so sure I would like to add more stress to my B235L by tuning it one step up. As it is right now it is a smooth running machine.

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