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    Trunk Strut Replacement Tutorial - Saab 9-5

    Tools needed

    • Small Standard Screwdriver

    Supplies needed

    • Replacement Gas Struts

    Difficulty rating (scale 1 to 5)

    1 - very easy

    Time estimate
    30 minutes because all small jobs take 30 minutes. Right?

    1) Purchase these trunk shocks: 5360839 Aftermarket - Trunk Shock - Proparts 83347015 - Free Shipping

    They are Meistersatz brand and seem to be good quality. The new shock will have a plastic socket end and a metal socket end as shown in this picture:

    Name:  NewStrut.jpg
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    2) Open the trunk fully.

    3) Insert a small standard screwdriver into the clip expansion notch in the plastic end of one of the old truck shocks to pry open the retaining clip.

    Name:  PLASTICEND.jpg
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    You shouldn't have to fully remove the clip, just get it pried open. With it pried open, carefully pull on the plastic end of the shock until the plastic socket end of the shock is removed from the ball. Now work on the top metal socket of the same side. The Saab OEM originals just have an internal spring clip and you can carefully just pry the socket from the ball to remove it. If it has a metal retaining wire, to remove you simply swivel the wire around from behind the ball and pull it out of the retaining holes.

    Name:  METALEND.jpg
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    4. Repeat step 3 for the other side. Be careful at this point as the trunk is not supported at all and it will slam shut if it is allowed to start to close.

    5. Now comes the trick. Your new shocks will seem like they are about 1/4 inch too long, and you will be wondering how you could have screwed up, because it is impossible to compress the new shocks by hand to get them to fit. Well, not to worry. Look at the back of the hinge point of the trunk lid. You will notice a plastic clip that is restricting the trunk from opening any further. You must remove this clip from both sides of the trunk lid to get it to open far enough to accept the new shocks.

    Name:  PLASTICCLIP.jpg
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    The clips have a locking clip that snaps up over a metal lip on the trunk lid and they slide up and clip over the trunk hinge. To remove them let the trunk lid down a little bit and carefully pry open the snap to unhook them. Then carefully slide and pry the part that clips over the hinge. Once both sides are removed fully open the trunk.

    6. To install the new shock, first attach the metal socket end by carefully swivelling the retension wire from around the ball and sliding it out of the retaining holes. Put the socket over the ball on the trunk lid and push firmly until it pops into place. Replace the retaining wire by sliding it into the holes on the ball and swivelling it back around the ball. Now pry open the retaining clip on the plastic socket end by sliding a small standard screwdriver into the notch. With the clip pried open push it firmly onto the ball on the car body until it snaps into place. Remove the screwdriver pressure from the retaining clip and ensure that the clip is fully seated. If you have to fully remove the clip at any point it is easiest to slide it down into the grooves at the top of the plastic socket to get it started.

    7. Repeat step 6 for the other side.

    8. Replace the travel limiting clips by sliding over the trunk hinge and aligning the post on the clip to the hole in the metal and press firmly until the snap clicks into place.

    9. Now you are finished. Your trunk will once again open easily and stay open without cracking you in the head. At this point you can go have a well earned beer.
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    I know it's been a while since you posted this but thanks it's a great tutorial - considering there's nothing in the WIS abut how to do this it's invaluable.

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    A decade later, this tutorial was clutch for me! Lesjofors were cheap and went right in once I figured out the clips! One note: the clips are marked RH or LH if you are a little slow like me!



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