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    22 Jan 2014
    Brooklyn, Ohio
    2003 Saab 9-3 Arc

    Cool Newbie here :)

    Hey from Brooklyn, Ohio,

    My names Andrew and just yesterday I purchased a 2003 Saab 9-3 Arc, 6 Speed, 210 hp 221 tq LK9 Eco engine and I LOVE it!

    The car has 166,200 miles and counting. I could have bought any other car, but something about this car appealed to me, I don't know what it was.

    I have a bad history with cars and mostly have owned GM j body and n body cars. This car is a dream compared to all the grand am, achieva, cavalier, and sunfire. It's a shame Saab went under, I hope parts aren't hard to find!!

    I am married and have a daughter, so me and my wife agreed that I needed to find that one car I was going to keep. After hours of research and test drives, I said this was the vehicle.

    This vehicle isn't perfect however, here are the things I would love to hear from you guys about and maybe a step in the right direction for fixing it.

    1. The Saab Information System above the radio is not lit up, seems it doesn't work at all. Is it a fuse to check? Wad it unplugged from the dealer? I know the dashboard has an Amber "i" and I hear a chime when I start driving for the first five minutes. If I press clear, it all goes away. I know the stability/traction control emblem comes on before that "i "....

    2. When I put load on the car or start entering boost at about 2k or so RPMs, the car will shudder like a misfire, but idle is smooth and quarter throttle acceleration is smooth, until I press the pedal too much. Tune up time, or is it a more serious problem?

    3. Could I possibly install HID lights in the foglights and the headlights? It seems the ones in there are a bit dull, not to mention the headlights do not seem to be anywhere near aimed right, the fog lights actually help to see the road at night.

    So Saab World, I want to hit the million miles with this car and I need your help. I also want to learn about this car and all its special problems and such, I've been poisoned with mainstream common cars and want to grow and mature with this Saab.

    I hope that was enough of an introduction and I'll try to upload some pictures of the beauty
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