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    Rear wiper replace

    This is a bit of a tricky job. The cover was hard to remove--needed a plastic pry tool with a hook to get it off. Also needed a wiper from the dealer to fit on the hook because the arm only comes up a little bit from the window. Good thing to get done early.

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    I was about to do mine. Haven't got around to it yet. I looked at what the manual says about taking that cover off the arm. I'm not sure I completely follow, so I was planning on using me "dental mirror" to see it before I started trying.

    Must it be a plastic tool? Would a metal spring hook hurt?

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    I didn't have any plastic pry tools, so went down to Harbor Freight and bought a $5 set -- just because it's by that expensive window and the damn thing sure didn't want to pop off very easy. On the driver's side there's a little hook that goes into the blade; in the center there are two half-moon type molded fittings that pop over toward the end of the wiper (if I remember right it fits over the part of the wiper that hinges) -- these are the ones that have to come off first. You could break the hook end, but it's unlikely to damage the center fittings (which come off first). I just used that little plastic hook pry bar and pulled at the passenger side end and it eventually popped off, falling right to the ground. Getting the new blade on was a bit of a trick too -- even one from the dealer had the connector on wrong so it wouldn't got on (without taking off the wiper which I wouldn't do)

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    Shucks/Checker/O'Reillys had five different 12" rear wipers and none the correct clip.

    Third parts store I tried was the big NAPA warehouse and they had the rear wiper on sale for $6.49

    As with anything else, once one knows the zip/pop/trick with the cover rear clips, it's an easy change.

    jack vines

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    Do you happen to have the part number of the NAPA wiper that fits? I'm finding that info is crucial for getting almost any 9-4 parts except from dealer.



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