Hi All, I have just bought a 97 900 convertible with the hood not working, when i have started to look at it it appears that a previous owner has hacked at it as i have found micro switches hanging loose wires cut and cables disconnected. I have repaired the wiring replaced the loose components (except the tonneau switches due to not having suitable screws yet) and the cables. The cables have been left lying under the back seat, when wiggled i can hear movement (catches probably) each side of the tonneau but have no idea where the motor they are supposed to be connected to is located and how /which way round they connect when i do find it, so would any one have a diagram or schematic for this part of the roof system so that i can reconnect these cables. While I'm at it would anyone have a testing procedure for the roof as i feel with a hood this overly complex, it would be easy to miss a component that an average person wouldn't realise were there.