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    Saab 92-X Turbo not working smooth after oil change

    It is great to join the world of Saab owners! This is my first post.
    I have a weird issue. I just did an oil change at a new place where they put a "regular" (5w-30?) oil. I have always had full synthetic oil in all prior servicing.
    Almost immediately, I started sensing the following issues
    1. sluggish car response to the pedal
    2. jerky gear changes
    3. slow acceleration (almost a stall) while moving out from stop signs, signals etc.
    4. engine revving up a couple of times by itself

    Am scared of the way it feels and how sudden all of these symptoms came on just after the service event. Is it related to the oil change?? Is there a different issue that might have been caused during servicing? Or is it a completely new failure mode? I am sure when I take it back in, they will find a new issue...

    Any help would be highly appreciated!

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    Renato Piereck
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    Ipa, welcome to Saab World! To me that doesn't seem to be all related to an oil change> Perhaps being sluggish and with slow acceleration could be related if they overfilled your oil, perhaps it's dragging on the engine. Jerky gear changes sounds odd, as an oil change should have no effect whatsoever on the gear change. Also the engine revving all of a sudden sounds odd too. Did you use to do your changes by yourself before? What prompted you to change the oil type? My advice would be to do an oil change again, using the same oil type and grade that you always used before, and if your symptoms go away then you know it. If not, at least you have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what is in your oil pan.
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