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Sorry to bump this but I just recently started having this exact issue with the leakage showing in the same area after replacing my radiator with a do88 radiator after the OEM one cracked at the end tank. Did you ever figure it out? Did getting a new expansion tank help? I plan on getting a Genuinesaab dome tank here soon if I can verify its the issue.
I'm having the same issue with my Saab V6. Upgraded to do88, got do88 hoses and radiator, but when I bought the GenuineSaab Tank this did not remedy my issue. I have had this coolant leak issue for about 6 months with no luck on finding a cause yet. I have replaced every other part pertaining to coolant leaks as well (waterpump/thermostat). I have tested for exhaust gasses in coolant with negative results as well. I have redone my cooling system multiple times. Even though my radiator is brand new I'm going to check for corrosion given that I noticed that a couple of the metal coolant return pipes were rusted when re-installing the coolant system. I have also been speaking to mechanics about my issue. If I find anything new I'll post it here.