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    CV Axle Replacment - Saab 9-3 (2003-2012)

    -Replacement Axle (difference in compressed length between MT and AT cars; Eeuroparts)
    -SAE wrench set (7/16)
    -Metric socket set (14,16,19, and 36mm*)
    -1/1/4 socket
    -Breaker bar or Impact wrench
    -jack-stands and jack
    -Large hammer
    -Anti-sieve (optional)
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    This is a pretty simple and quick job. Provided you have the correct axle (MT cars have a unique axle) this should take around 1 hour.
    1. Loosen the hub assembling nut using the 1/1/4 socket and breaker bar. Leave ignition unlocked so you can rotate the hub.
    2. Lift car and remove wheel.
    3. Loosen the nut on the hub enough to cover the threads. Hammer the end of the nut until the axle slides in towards the engine.
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    4. Remove the steering swivel-member bolt using a 7/16 wrench on the E-socket side and either the 14-16mm socket on the opposite. Lower the suspension arm enough to disconnect the ball joint shaft.
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    5. Remove the outer spline from the hub and with an "jerking" motion pull on the axle shaft to dislodge the inner spline. Make sure the shaft seal remains in place.
    1. Insure seal is in place. Insert the inner spline shaft feeling for a snap from the circlip. (You apply anti-sieve to splines)
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    2. Rotate the hub assembly to the right and insert the outer spline shaft.
    3. Rotate hub assembly center and while pushing down on the suspension arm and in on the bottom of the rotor, guide the ball-joint shaft into the steering swivel member.
    4. Tighten steering swivel member bolt to 37 lbs ft
    5. Loosely fit hub nut.
    6. Lower car and replace wheel
    7. Tighten hub nut to 170 lbs ft
    *Replacement axles have a different size nut that OEM.
    *Left side axle replacements will require a refill of Transmission fluid.
    Should youhappen to have the boot break open and spray the engine bay with grease I've found gasoline to be very helpful and

    Gasoline works well for loosening and removing CV grease from most surfaces, and should your serpentine belt get cover in grease replace it and clean the the Ac compressor, alternator, tensioner, and crankshaft pulley. This grease will attract dirt and decrease the life of components.
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    Thanks for this step-by-step.

    I'm stuck on step 4... I've removed the swivel-member bolt but cant get the ball joint shaft to pop out. I've tried hammering the control arm but can't get it to budge. Is there anything else holding it in place? any tips on breaking this free without damaging the ball joint boot?

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    Sometimes you need to use a spreader, big pickle fork will do in a pinch, ball joint tool is better.

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    Was a b**ch but I finally got it apart. Thanks for the reply.

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    I have a leaky seal between the Tranny and the cv shaft on my 08 v6 aero. I’m really struggling to figure out which seal I need. The WIS doesn’t show me and none of the parts sites show it. I believe it must be mentioned in the Tranny section but again not clear and then the WIS says I need a strange puller. Any suggestions?



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