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    1965 Saab 96

    1965 Long Nose Stroker problem/questions

    Hello All,

    I recently was sucked into wanting a Saab 2 stroke due to a fascination with an old rally car that looked and sounded different, or "looked the part" as some might say. My background is in VWs, but since I have never been all that attracted to Bugs(I am a dyed in the wool Bus guy since the age of 5), I started looking for a Saab 2 stroke. I am in agreement with Shazam in that finding parts is not an easy task. Heck, I have found finding if the parts on my car are actually the proper ones! My car was running, barely, when I got it with an engine that had been recently put together. It was not running well enough to stay running and there was a question as to whether the distributor was the right one for the engine.

    So I have been reading my manual to try to determine the proper numbers I should find on the 1965 model year 96. There is a different distributor needed for the 1965 versus the 1966 on model years. So, how do I tell if I have an original 1965 engine block, or has it been replaced? It is NOT a Monte, that I know, but does anyone know what year the engine number 271 164 B denotes? Does anyone have a parts manual they could look it up in? I have a Service Manual, but not a Parts Manual.

    I do believe figuring out what engine I have will lead me to knowing if indeed I have the correct distributor(which incidentally is VJU 3 BR 1 T S at the moment ). Can anyone help me out with making sure of its year?

    Thanks in advance.
    PS I will add pics when I can figure how

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    Hello and welcome!

    I can't help you with the 96 specific questions but it is easy to post pictures.

    add your car in the Garage: Saab World - Forums - News - Marketplace - Media - Blogs - Saab Garage
    add pictures to a post: http://saabworld.net/f26/uploading-u...-39/#post52259

    Or both, that's even better.

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    The forum Saabrally.com has a few stroker guys. You can also get in touch with Chuck Christ if you google him or find his contact thru vsaab.



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