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    Turbo waste gate acuator

    The gold-ish looking piece on the left is the actuator (?) for what I think is the turbo waste gate, connected by the horizontal rod to the lever on the right end of it. How do those operate ? There is a vac line which runs up to the boost sensor. How does the horizontal rod operate.i.e how much vacuum is required to get the rod to move.?

    If the rod is disconnected from the lever on the right end can / should that lever be moved easily (basically opening / closing inside the pipe)

    I am thinking about disconnecting the horizontal rod you see from the lever on the right end to find out, but if someone already knows about how these operate (you know who you are!) pls let us know.
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    It should move (the rod), although it requires a bit of force.

    If you can't move it at all, it's probably seized up, on the flip side if it moves easily it's problem worn out.



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