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    What parts did I break fixing my windshield wiper?

    I fixed the wiper assemblage the other day (macgyvered it, really), but in doing so I broke the white plastic piece that holds the two pieces of the assembly together and makes the passenger side windshield wiper move. I also broke one of the two plastic pieces that hold the cowl in place.

    What are these two pieces called? I'm looking on parts sites to buy new ones, but I don't know what to look for.

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    The Spindle Frame is an assembly in the EPC, OEM P/N being 12757154, thus is the plastic piece not listed as a separate piece part. One link: Genuine SAAB Spindle Frame 12757154 - Free Shipping.

    It's unclear to me which cowl plastic piece is in question, so a picture of the part / area installed would be helpful.



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