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    04 Apr 2015
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    saab 9-5 3000 diesel ear 2006

    Question not starting

    hy guys.
    i have a problem with my 95.
    after my radiator exploded wen i was driving my car wont start again.
    someone told me that can be the the general switch but i can't find it.
    any ideeas?
    mention: i turn t off the engine right after the noise.
    sorry for my English.

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    900 GLi , 9-5 wagon 2.3t MY04
    hi bob,

    i never heard of an exploding radiator before, do you mean your car suddenly overheated with lots of steam, or that some major part of the water cooling system broke (?hose/radiator) and your car suddenly lost most of its water ?

    there are several major engine malfunctions that can cause your engine to suddenly overheat, and you might want to first exclude that possibility (if your engine severely overheats for a prolonged period the engine can seize up (lock up). hopefully that is not what happened.

    i have not heard of a "general switch" that is activated on a saab engine as a safety measure to protect the engine in case of overheating, but if there is wouldnt it show a specific error code on the SID ? your car is a diesel engine, so that might have other causes then a petrol engine.

    hopefully some more knowledgeable people can provide more specific answers



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