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    John Mackinnon
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    13 Aug 2012
    Ottawa Ontario Canada
    2007 9-3 Aero #6

    thinking of buying a 97X before next winter...any recommendations

    Seemingly very reasonably priced at the moment, 10K for a vehicle that was 55K. Anyone recommend powerplant...The 4.2 six has good ratings and I will not be hauling anything too heavy. Are there better years than others...Let me know...Just can"t quit SAABS...

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    Master SaabTech/Moderator Burnsside42's Avatar
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    I owned the 5.3i "ARC" 2006 9-7X with all options. Loved it. As a Saab tech I'd stay away from the 4.2i since they get WORSE fuel economy and can't do as much truck like things that the 9-7X is capable of with a V8. If you can find an Aero trim with the LS2 6.0 I'd snatch that up ;-) I bought my 2006 with 93K for about $8500 and had to replace the transfer case encoder motor, 4 tires and service the rear differential. I then fitted the Volant intake on it. All said and done after I sold the aftermarket 20" wheels and tires I had the car for about $9000 plus some. I hated the center console - squeaked and creaked all the time.
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    Never owned a 9-7x, but my mom owns an '06 Envoy Denali with the 5.3L and can honestly say it does a pretty good job at what its supposed to do. We've never hauled with it (they have an older Durango that's set up for hauling only) but it definitely has plenty of pick up and go and doesn't mind being weighted down. Gets around the same gas mileage as my 9-4X in the city (maybe a little less) but gets a pretty decent amount on the highway. My mom loves hers and will probably hold on to it for 5 more years or so (already had it since '08). I believe the main things shes had done is the Nav replaced, driver's door module replaced, rear axle broke in some way so it was replaced, and the suspension has been replaced either two or three times now. Shes had a warranty on it since she bought it (its about to go out, however she may get another) so no major financial trouble, but given shes had it for 7 years and put 60k on it, shes gotten her money's worth. If you can snag one for $9k with under 100k miles, I'd say go for it.



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