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    Ignition Barrel

    Hi, I have a (sometimes) problem, I have to wiggle key to start car, sometimes ok, sometimes have to try a few times, any ideas??
    Also comes up as theft protection system needs checking, think they might be linked.
    Thank you for looking.


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    If its "key not accepted" then you have issues with immobiliser/chip/transponder ring.

    I suspect you are probably getting "service theft alarm" messages which is due to a fault on the battery back up siren module circuit,and hence not linked to your ignition issue.
    If so I wouldnt worry about ...loads of fixes around but most of the time they are only temporary.
    I have two 9-5's and have spent far too much time and effort trying to fix the modules...in the end I just disabled the warning message to stop it nagging.

    The ignition mechanisim is composed of three parts......transponder ring/key barrel/ignition switch.
    Your problem could be a sticking barrel or a failing ignition switch(fairly common)

    There is a guide on here for disassembly and cleaning which is worth doing in the first instance.


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