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    2006 Aero down on power

    Hello! I have some issues regarding my 2006 9-5 Aero wagon. I thought it felt really slow for having 260 horsepower, kind of lacking boost. Did some 100-150kmh runs and the best was somewhere around 7.5 seconds. Here is a vid of the car:

    As you can see the boost gauge is touching red.
    Anyway, i figured eventually that the car was this slow, regarding its quite heavy and so on. So i ordered a stage 1 upgrade from speedparts - 273hp 441nM.

    Now the car is faster, but still feel like its lacking lots of boost! In my mind it should feel like a horse kick. I have had 230hp-ish audis in the past en they atleast felt a lot quicker.
    Sometimes it also feels like the car is building up great boost (horse kick feel &#128521 for like a second or two, then gone!
    With the chip the boost gauge goes a bit into the red field for a sec and then back down just under red.

    Havent done 100-150 with chip yet but i will and get back to you. What can cause this?
    I have tried to check for vakuumleaks but havent found any yet. Really would appreciate help

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    The power range in the 9 5 is geared bit high. Thus you should feel it's greatest power at higher speeds. It looks to me that the gauge is acting as it should. You have a big heavy car, but it is a highway cruiser not a jackrabbit.

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