Hey guys...my 01 2.3t 9-5 I am having issues with my cooling fan....it doesn't turn on with my A/C. Its my understanding that if I at standstill, start my car put A/C on max (Lo and auto) and let it blast the fan should run at Hi Speed, mine does not.

The ac still does work fine when I'm on the hwy , when I'm moving slowly or stopped my air gets warm. I've had the car since 120k, I believe I have the original compressor its definitely oem...now @ 204k and runs like a top. I had an a/c leak last yr so I replaced drier, added oil, vacuumed it down and refilled it, I checked pressure today and it was at 44 psi low side. The compressor runs when i turn on the ac but it doesn't get very cold unless the fans kicks onto hi or if I'm moving over 50 mph.

I'm wondering what tells the fan to turn on Hi when the a/c is running at a standstill. I tested all of the relays and they are fine

Today in my drive I had ac on and gauges hooked up and my cooling fan turned on hi and the air was cold, then kicks into lo and it gets how....I think the fan must have turned on hi due to engine temp. I'm trying to figure out how this could be happening. I am about to spend $80 and get a used fan it's so FREAKING HOT AND HUMID IN KS RIGHT NOW....if anyone knows what calls for the fan to engage in hi when the ac is on plz let me know....Thanks in advance!!