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    HVAC woes

    Hello gents

    Just acquired a 02 SE w/dial control ACC. Having issues w/air flow and want to narrow down some things before getting too involved.....if I don't have to. Air blows forcefully out center vent (face), but very weak on pass., nothing on driver. Air blows weak out top of dash on defrost. And only pass. side gets air on floor. This won't work during the winter when it comes time to defrost windows, and get car warmed up in a reasonable time.
    I've read about stepper motors and blend doors....visiting Eeuro website, I didn't see these parts listed in heating/ac section. Where should I start looking and will it be visible enough to notice this issue? Thanks!

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    Here is a helpful post : http://www.saabcentral.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=113589
    Before you order parts, check your codes and cross reference them against that list on the thread.


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