Will post a pic or two soon.

My cars seem to pick me somehow. I once bought a VW Golf TDI that sat on a gas station forecourt with a "for sale" sign as I drove past every day for two months.

My new (to me) 2008 9-5 also sat for two months - on Craig's List - while the idea of owning my third Saab slowly percolated. When the price dropped to $4,000 for a 95,000 miles car with a second set of rims and snow tires I was in.

My first Saab was a metallic green 1979(?) 900 Turbo that kept me poor with cylinder head cracks and turbo problems; the second was a 1988 900, a reliable workhorse. I'm hopeful that with a little TLC this '08 9-5 will prove to be a good deal. Can't go too far wrong at the price.

I'm waiting for plates - should be able to pick them up tomorrow - and my planned maintenance list looks like this:
Oil and filter change - Mobil 1 0W-40
Transmission fluid exchange - Mobil 3309
Coolant flush - AC Delco Dex-Cool
Replace heater bypass valve
Accessory drive belt with two idlers and tensioner
Air filter, fuel filter, cabin air filter

The only other issue I've found so far is a left rear suspension clunk.