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    08 Dec 2016
    MY06 9-5 Vector 2.0T Sport

    Red face my Saab 95 Sportwagon 2.0T Sport

    Hi All,

    I've been browsing for a while and decided it was time to join and introduce myself.

    About 3 months ago i bought my second Saab 95 Sportwagon (the first lasted 1 month and suffered a blown engine). This time round i had a 2 month old daughter and 6 year old step son and needed to make sure i had a car that was more practical than my BMW E90 hence my decision to give Saab's another go.

    I found the car on Auto trader (UK) and it was listed for £1400, it was very nicely specc'd so I did a quick MOT history check and discovered that in the 10 years the car had been on the road, it had never failed an MOT (British equivalent of the TUV but less intensive) and had just two advisories... in 10 years!! I decided that this was the car for me and subsequently saw it and shook the mans hand.

    I am delighted with the car so far. It is stupidly practical and takes all of the kids "stuff" for long journeys back to the isle of wight. To be honest i haven't found anything it wont take (yet).

    The one big surprise that has taken getting used too is the fuel economy. It rarely sees more than 22 MPG combined even though its driven very sedately, and on a long trip i won't get more than 31 mpg. I am not really concerned with this as it has 137000 miles on the clock.

    I will however be making some adjustments and changes to see if i can get her back to the way it was before.

    I look forward to sharing these with you.
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