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    Thumbs Up! for forum posts

    New on SaabWorld. You can give a quick Thumbs Up when you see a post you like and want to give the author some feedback and credit to let them know their post is appreciated. Sometimes there is no need to respond to a thread and this is a quick way to let them know you like what they contributed.

    It's easy but here is a quick overview. You can only give a thumbs up when you're logged in to the site. Guests will see the number of thumbs up a post has received.

    See a post you like? Click the thumb on the right side of the post window.

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    After you give a thumbs up for a post, the thumb will turn red and you can cancel the thumb if you want to do so.

    Name:  2017-01-24_13-56-26.jpg
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    When you hover the cursor over the number, it will show who gave positive feedback.

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    You can't give a thumbs up for your own posts so the thumb will be greyed out.

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    You can view statistics for your own posts and general site feedback here: http://saabworld.net/thumbs_center.php

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    The system will show you a notification when someone gives you a Thumbs Up. You can disable this in your user settings under Messaging and Notifications. http://saabworld.net/profile.php?do=editoptions

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    Very tricky. When I saw red, I thought I was giving it the thumbs down. You're not.



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