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    07 Apr 2017
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    '92 turbo hatch restoration

    This project began in May 2016 in a field outside of Austin TX. The ignition gear was broken, so it was purchased on faith, being unable to check anything electrical. It has 232,000 miles on it and had been sitting a few years. There is no rust beyond a few small spots, the normal rust-throughs are not there. After replacing the ignition gear and adding a few gallons of gas on top of the few in it, it cranked about ten seconds and started right away. After a few stutters it was idling smoothly in about 20 seconds. I've only driven it about 15 miles on a few test drives so far, after new tires.

    The paint has been brought back by hand, new tires are on and fluids are being changed. Going on are E-code lights, very nice original front seat leathers, headliner, Brembo discs, EBC ceramic pads and Bilstein B6 HD shocks. Much detail work everywhere and little things not in nice condition get replaced.

    I need some advice on the dash covers that go over a cracked dash.
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    Loving the color! What did you do to restore the paint?

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    85T hatch; 87T vert; 92T hatch; 92T vert; 94S vert; 07 9-5 2.3T
    I used the Meguiars ultimate products, Compound and Polish. And lots of towels, learned the cotton is best for rubbing and microfiber best for finishing.

    It's 219 Talladega Red BTW

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    Looks great, how's it run and drive.
    I have a cheap dash cover made from a non woven material with edging sewn on. You could make it at home for a few bucks. Looks pretty good.
    Had a car with a vac formed PVC cover but it looked terrible. I would not recommend it.

    Comb the used market and Ebay once and a while a pristine dash pops up. Expensive, but it really makes the car, not awful to install.



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