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    Oil Filter location for CANISTER type


    My car is 2006 1.9 TID and has the canister type oil filter.

    Does this sit in the same housing as the cartridge type?

    Everyone mentions the 32mm socket requirement but do not know why a screw on filter would sit within a housing as such.

    thanks in advance

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    I don't know if this is of any help. I've just changed the oil & filter on a 2011 TTiD today.
    The filter was a cartridge type and it was from the front looking at the engine, to the rear left hand side of the engine. The housing did have a 32mm socket fitting although its a little too cosy for a normal 32mm socket and ratchet or spanner to fit. I used the plier type tool ( as opposed to the fiddly chain one)from above. Jacking up and removing your O/S front wheel helps you in removing the plastic sump/splash guard and to get to the sump bolt. Also helps to get access to clean the spillage of oil that drips onto the drive shaft and subframe area. To me it seems how ever much you try to avoid it, it's going to happen.
    Hope this is of help in some way.

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