You may have heard about Photobucket and how they changed their terms of service. They don't allow 3rd party image hosting on other websites like forums anymore, unless the user pays a yearly fee of $399.

Not many will pay this ransom and it leaves many threads like tutorials without pictures so they become pretty much useless. Like this one:

Edit: images from Photobucket successfully restored in the thread above.

Sometimes images on other sites expire, get moved or deleted by the user so that also is a problem.

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To prevent these problems in the future, the forum software now automatically downloads any external images, saves them to the site and embeds the images in the thread. We already encouraged to upload any images in tutorials and other important threads but now it will be automatic for all forums except The Clubhouse.

The software was adjusted so it will also download the actual Photobucket images that were rendered useless so those will be restored as well. It will take a while for the scripts to go through the 43K threads on the forum but should complete soon.

We already had this in our Terms of Service but I just wanted to give this update to let our members know it is now done automatically.

Content hosted on other websites
In order to protect content on SW for many years to come, we reserve the right to copy image and other files from other websites if they are linked in your posts and you own the rights to these pictures or files. The reason for this is many pictures on free hosting accounts expire after a while or members move on and pictures are lost forever. Hosting these pictures and other files on SaabWorld will assure they are available forever.
When you link an image in a post, it now also has the default setting to upload the linked image to the site.

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The forum will automatically resize images to a resolution of 800 x 800 px and max image size of 100kb. This used to be 640 x 640 px and 50kb. This should be large enough while still keeping the size of all attachments within a reasonable limit.