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    IntSaab 2017 - Germany

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    This event took place last weekend and haven't read much about it.

    An article from a local German newspaper translated through Google:

    DINSLAKEN. More than 500 fans of Swedish cars entered the Dinslaken tramp race. Some took a long journey.
    Almost on the meadow, the track looks like a campsite: tents are built, cars are standing next to them. But it is not cars, but cars from the Swedish car manufacturer Saab. Over 500 Saab friends took part in the international meeting at the weekend.

    The passion for the vehicles was clearly felt. Because of the pouring rain, the participants gathered in the building at the trotting track and inspected the cars through the glass panes. Including Saab rider Gerd Borgmann. He tells why this brand is so fascinating for him. Saab had invested very early in the technology. The company has produced the first long-lasting turbomotor in series.

    Saab was also far ahead of other automobile manufacturers in terms of human safety. As Borgmann emphasizes, it is very unfortunate that the company has disappeared from the market. Clemens Wenzel also points out the peculiarity of this company: "The technology is special and individual in comparison to other vehicles." As he tells, he is taking part in a larger meeting for the first time with his gray Saab 900.

    This meeting was organized by the first German Saab club. The chairman, Tobias Gebauer, says that Saab was originally an aircraft manufacturer and that the technology was similar to a cockpit specifically for the driver. Katharina Diekmann, a member of the first German Saab club, emphasizes that the Saab drivers' meetings are very familiar: "Many drivers meet again, who have known each other for years."

    One participant traveled from Israel to the international Saab meeting in Dinslaken

    The meeting is "anything but anonymous", says Diekmann with a laugh. Gebauer points out that the meetings have been held in different European countries since the end of the eighties. So great is the passion for the cars that one participant has been specially from Israel, another is from Norway. Because of its size, the track is a perfect venue.

    The following prizes have been awarded: Two first places have been awarded in the category "longest journey", one for the longest distance and one for the longest car trip. On the one hand to David Nameri from Israel with 4380 kilometers and on the other to Eirik Arne Eliassen from Norway with 2970 kilometers. Third placed Mihai Mugurel Coman from Spain with 2350 kilometers.

    Special prizes were also awarded in the "Special" category

    In the category "oldest car" Peter Stöhr won with a Saab 92 from 1955. In the category "youngest car" won Michael Reichhold with a Saab 9-5 new generation Sportcombi, first registration January 2013. In the category "Best-of-Show "Hans Johnsson finished first with a Saab 95. In second place, Uwe Westerheide followed with a Saab 99 Turbo and over third place Tony Grestock with a Saab 95. In the category "special features" was Frank Rutten with a four-door Saab 900 convertible ahead, second place Anders Dackemyr with a Saab 900 Toppola. Over the third place, Gösta Jakfors enjoyed a Saab Sonnet 1.

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    More pictures here: https://www.nrz.de/staedte/dinslaken...211488863.html

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