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    9-4x washer reservoir

    Hi all...it seems funny to me, but after being in vintage Saab groups for over forty years, I find myself here now in 9-4x territory. My daughter has a 2011 9-4x, though, and I'm trying to help her locate a replacement windscreen washer reservoir. I have recent WIS software for the 9-4x, but the newest EPC doesn't cover the model. I can replace stuff with a complete guide, but there's nothing that lists parts and numbers. I'm hoping that this is a part that is common to the Cadillac SRX or whatever's closest to the 9-4x. Cadillac doesn't want to help, though.

    Does anyone know of a cross-reference of sorts for the 9-4x? Or has anyone developed a decent workaround for general GM vis-a-vis Saab parts? Or has anyone come across an EPC that includes the model? I thank you all...


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    Part seems to be the same. With and without headlamp washer is the delema. Roll the dice for $35?



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