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    Need help Identifying my SAAB 99 turbo coupe

    Hi there everyone,

    Over the past summer my sister bought a property in Maine. I happened to notice that there was a old saab sitting there with rally livery that looks as it has sat there for a while. Long story short the previous owner of the house was the original owner and whos name was on the side of the car. He saw that I noticed that it was a coupe and we began talking and i learned that he used it in group A. The car has a full roll cage and stripped interior with race seats. He then agreed to let me have it in hopes I one day restore it.

    my question:
    the car has a gl badge on the side but interior has factory style boost gauge and previous owner said that it is indeed a turbo. The engine is missing its turbo and manifold but still has everything else including the oil cooler. is there a way for me to verify that it is indeed a turbo and not an gl with a turbo engine?

    any help would be greatly appreciated
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    your saab looks like an upgraded 99 GL. Nice car to restore.!

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    Restore...!!!! say rebuild

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    VIN & engine numbers could help. Also few pictures more. So far this looks a 99 GL with turbo engine.
    Maybe this helps: https://classicregister.com/id-pages...-saab-99-turbo



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