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    rear axel service light

    Hi everyone I'm new to this page . Looking for answers, my Saab SUV witch I love keeps giving me a rear axel service light. Took it to a mechanic was cost $495 for a lube oil job. Supposedly he said take care of the problem 2 months later the light is on. Now he wants $345 for a computer analysis not sure what to do.

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    The 9-4 running gear and chassis are the same as the Cad SRX and this http://www.revbase.com/BBBMotor/TSb/...dPdf?id=178439 has a lot of good to know information before you go in for a service axel fault. The U0136 no communication code that sends you off to a bad module isn't part of this link, but it does cause the same service display and when you get that code, check the wire harness behind the plastic in the left rear wheel for crusty connector and broken wires about 6 inches above, before you go in for a thousand dollar service job.

    Don't know what to say about your mechanic and computer analysis, $345 is ballpark for a Cadillac dealer to reprogram if needed. Way over the top for a shop that doesn't have TIS security programing access. Even cheep code readers can read powertrain codes which makes simple diagnostics a DIY and for $345 you can buy your own Tech 2 with Saab & GM TIS and cards.

    When you hoist the car to replace the dif filter and change the fluid you don't have much play to get the level right and getting it wrong means intermittent faults until you get it right.



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