Getting ready to replace the condenser on my '06 Sportcombi. Last week lost A/C and on investigating found the vibration damper on the bracket holding the power steering cooler had failed allowing the cooler line to vibrate against the condenser resulting in a hole being created.

I've ordered a replacement condenser / receiver and am now prepping for the job. I see the WIS instructions posted here, but they are for '05 and earlier. While I expect the process is similar, once the bumper fascia is removed (using the same procedure as outlined for HID bulb replacement), I'm wondering if there are any other things I need to look out for on the job?

The good news is that as the owner of an old suburban I use to tow a boat, I have lots of familiarity with A/C work as the rear lines on them don't hold up well over time, so I have acquired all the paraphernalia needed to pull vacuum and refill the system - just never expected to be doing it on the Saab..

Advice appreciated