Calibration should be performed after major engine work, when any TCS component has been replaced or when the battery has been disconnected.

This PI will detail the process for calibrating the ETS/TCS using the Tech2. Before following this PI all faults must be remedied and all codes cleared. The car must also be at operating temperature, let the radiator fans cycle 2x. Park the car on a level surface and engage the handbrake. (The vehicle must not move during the cal process)

IMPORTANT: WARM CAR UP TILL FANS CYCLE 2X. (If vehicle will not idle see instructions for cal code 974 in STEP-2 below.)


Build the vehicle using Tech2.
Select the Diagnostic menu
Select Engine
Next select ETS
Then select programming
Select the appropriate engine variant and confirm selection, then Tech2 should confirm selection.
Exit all the way back out of vehicle menus, turn Tech2 off then cycle vehicle key.
This first step insures correct engine variant/calibration is installed.

Restart Tech2 and proceed building vehicle and navigate back to the menu for ETS.
Then select the Read Value/Activate menu.
Then select the Activate menu again.
At this point several activation options will be displayed, we are concerned with 3.
971 - Is the ETS baseline calibration
973 - Is the ETS main calibration
974 - Is the ETS calibration used when the car will not idle long enough to get warm (Use as the first step if car will not idle long enough to warm up properly, then repeat from Step-1. (N/A provided that STEP-1 was performed previously)

Select 971 and then enter/start. (Tech2 will display "unknown", then "started", then "finished" in a very rapid sequence)

NOTE: If you perform any other function with Tech2 before doing the 971 baseline setting, you will need to shut down Tech 2, cycle the ignition key and re-establish communications with ETS. Failure to do this will result in the baseline setting not showing ''finished" on the Tech 2 screen.

After completing the 971-baseline programming select 973 and enter/start programming.
Watch for the TCS light to come on in the Instrument panel.
When TCS light begins to flash the RPM's will start automatically to climb towards approximately 3000 rpm then stabilize and fall after several seconds to about 900rpm and begin to stabilize again.
The TCS light should go out when calibration is completed.
When completed end Tech2 communications and recheck to see if any fault codes were stored during calibration.
Test drive to verify repair.

NOTE: If replacing the Pedal Potentiometer you may need to update the wiring harness as described below.

When ordering throttle pedal potentiometer 4301685 from parts stock, please be aware that these potentiometers have been updated with new gold terminals to better resist corrosion.

When installing the new style potentiometer, part no. 4301685, it may be necessary to also order five gold female terminals, part no. 4063087, so that the wiring harness can be appropriately updated. DO NOT mix gold and tin terminals.

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