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    Intermittent light troubles

    SID tells my daughter that a headlight is out (drivers side), she confirms. A couple of days later SID goes off, daughter confirms that the light is on :-)
    SID says tail light is out, daughter confirms the tail light is out. A couple of days later SID goes off, daughter confirms :-)
    A few days later SID says headlight light out (passenger side).

    It is an American model currently residing in San Diego, CA. I’m in Minnesota. Last fall I replaced the headlights with HIDs that were stock standard with the vehicle. I replaced both even though only one was out.
    Granted I did buy them off the internet at a substantially less price than my local NAPA store. I also replaced a marker light on the side, two turn signal lights up front and the two rear license plate lights. All of these were out as well.

    I’m thinking we might be have a grounding issue. Any thoughts where to begin? Grounding or other thoughts? Thanks.

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    I was having a similar problem on my 9-3 Linear. I just replaced the right HID bulb which would go out or otherwise flicker when driving. It appeared that the bulb had not completely failed, as it would come back on after shutting off. Note, that I'm using economy bulbs purchased from China, and carry a few spares so I don't have to rely on the part stores when one goes. (<1/10th the cost of local prices) This was the first time this occurred to me with either name brand or the Chinese knock off's.



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