I just finished replacing the alternator on my 2006 9-5 2.3T. I do not have any good pictures as there are some pretty good videos on youtube already showing mostly everything. I just wanted to mention a few things which may help.
18mm socket
16mm socket
12mm socket
8mm socket
8mm hex wrench
8mm hex socket drive
16/18mm spanner wrench
1/2 inch extension

It took me about 6 hours on the first day, then I had to take a business trip for a week and it took about 3 hours the second day.
1- Jack up front, passenger side, add jack stands and remove the wheel.
2- disconnect the battery connections
3- use a jack with a block of wood on top to hold the engine (see you tube videos for details)
4- Remove the u-shaped engine mount from the passenger side of the engine. there are 5 bolts which must come off. There is a recessed bolt which you can remove or just unclip the power steering line from it.
5- remove the plastic cover from behind the wheel you just removed. There are several screws, some with star heads some with small socket heads. Be careful as the plastic parts are breakable. I also removed the larger plastic fender liner and did break a couple of rusted screws doing it. The crank cover portion on mine was broken previously and only held in by one screw. Luckily, I did not break this one.
6- use the half inch extension to release the tension on the belt using the tensioner (again, see the you tube videos) and remove the belt.
7- remove the tensioner. For this you have to raise the engine up a couple of inches to be able to get the short side of the hex head into the bolt. Make sure the wrench is full seated into the bolt to avoid stripping it. I tapped it with a wrench a few times. Use an extension pipe of some kind to help break it free.
8- remove the upper pulley with an open end wrench ( I think 16mm)
9- remove the upper bolt that holds the alternator from above the engine. It is recessed and hard to see. You can use the 8mm hex socket. You may need to adjust the height of the engine to get it in. Again, make sure it is fully seated before trying to loosen it.
10- remove the lower alternator bold with the same 8mm hex and an extension. And again, make sure it is fully seated before loosening.
11- remove the small wire connected to the alternator with an 8mm socket or spanner. I found this easiest from under the car.
12- The large wire was much more difficult for me to remove. I had to pull the alternator out of it's bracket in order t get at it with a 12mm socket.
13- let the alternator sit on the exhaust and frame below it and remove the 4 bolts that hold the alternator bracket in place. There are three which are easy to get at and one that is hidden. I had to feel around with my hand and use an extension to get it out.
14- remove the alternator from the engine bay. It seems impossible but if you keep it close to the firewall and lift by the pulley, it is possible. I broke a vacuum tube trying to get it our of the way and may not even had to move it.
15- Reinstall the alternator bracket using the 4 bolts. The hard to reach one is shorter than the others. Do not overtighten as it is a fairly fragile bracket.
16 install the new alternator. I had to put the bottom in first then pull up the rest. You have to wiggle it to get the top part into the bracket. I put in the bottom bolt loosely, then tried to put in the top bolt. I had to wiggle the alternator to get it started. Then it got about half way in but would not tighten. I had to loosen the bottom and pull it part way our and put pressure on the back of the rachet wrench to get it to start threading. Leave it loose and tighten the bottom bolt. then tighten the top bolt.
17- connect the small wire from the bottom then the large wire from the top.
18- mount the tensioner and the upper pulley.
19- Pull the tensioner back like when you loosened the belt and install a 3mm hex wrench - short side- into the little hole in the back of the assembly and it will hold it in place.
20- Install the belt. The routing is not intuitive so consult the internet for the routing diagram.
21- Loosely attach the engine mount then lower the engine a bit. Tighten the mount just snug then remove the jack from under the engine. Tighten the mount to spec.
22- reinstall the pieces that go behind the wheel and the wheel.
23- raise the car to remove the jack stands. Lower the car and you are all set.